Forthcoming book: The Classical Tradition in Medieval Catalan, 1300–1500: Translation, Imitation, and Literacy

L. Cabré, A. Coroleu, M. Ferrer, A. Lloret, J. Pujol, The Classical Tradition in Medieval Catalan, 1300–1500: Translation, Imitation, and Literacy, Tamesis -Boydell & Brewer, in press (March 2018)

This book offers the first comprehensive study of the reception of the classical tradition in medieval Catalan letters, a multilingual process involving not only the Latin and Catalan languages, but also neighbouring vernaculars like Aragonese, Castilian, French, and Italian. The authors survey the development of classical literacy from the twelfth-century Aragonese royal courts until the arrival of the printing press and the dissemination of Italian Humanism. Aimed at students and scholars of medieval and early modern Iberia-and to anyone interested in medieval Romance literatures and the classical tradition-this volume also provides a concise introduction to the medieval Crown of Aragon, a catalogue of translations into Catalan of texts from the classical antiquity through the Italian Renaissance, and a critical study of the influence of the classics in five major works: Bernat Metge’s Lo somni, Joanot Martorell’s Tirant lo Blanc, the anonymous Curial e Güelfa, Ausiàs March’s poetry, and Joan Roís de Corella’s prose.



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